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In the face of food insecurity and poverty, about a third of food produced globally is thrown away and not eaten. In Britain, it is estimated that 40% of produce is thrown away because it doesn’t meet aesthetic standards. (Read: it’s too ugly.)In response to this, and the fact that 2014 is the EU’s “European year against Food Waste, the French supermarket chain Intermarché has launched a campaign called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” (Les Fruits et Légumes Moches) in which they sell their oddly-shaped foods that would otherwise be thrown away by a farmer.The food is 30% cheaper, and each store sold an average of 1.2 tons of the food in the first 2 days.Bonne idéee!

Reminds me of the mutant lemons my tree throws.
Actually, I have noticed a lot more funny-looking veggies here, like those forked carrots, and little things like the apples and cukes not being coated in wax, I guess South Africans aren’t as persnickety about pretty fruit as Brits and Americans?

Aly modeling for a commission painting.


where can i get a print of this? this is important to me.


Took a break from commissions today to draw this for myself - two of the best sitcom families. 
(Edit: I know, I wanted to draw Teddy as Fester, too, but I had stop for birthday reasons. I might add him in later!)

nbcsnl: Found in the halls of SNL.

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"Day 2: The giant horse-dog still hasn’t noticed me." [thats_absrd]

Plan on being “truth serum drunk” at this event. Feel free to come out & ask me anything. #PhorYou
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